Introducing Journey Canada

This year, we’ve begun our 25th year as an organization. I marvel at the way a small group formed in Vancouver in 1991 has grown into a network of groups across the country who experience Jesus’ presence and healing. Even as I write this letter, I’m flooded with memories and with gratitude. Still, I’m looking ahead and believe we are on the cusp of some of our best days.

In this spirit of anticipation, I’m excited to announce a new name for our organization. After a six-month consultation with supporters, donors, board and staff members across the country, we’ve selected Journey Canada as our new name.

I want to personally convey my enthusiasm for this step. After 25 years, we’ve come to a stage where we’ve developed a distinct Canadian identity. We continue to offer safe places for groups to meet together and experience Jesus’ healing, and we’re still working with our partners in Living Waters Global. Our convictions are the same as when we began, but the way in which we go about our work has expanded. 

In the past few years, we’ve seen a tremendous growth in opportunities to equip the Canadian church. Our church-based Pastoral Approaches Seminars on topics about relationships, identity and sexuality have become some of our most popular offerings. New doors are opening every month for us to go to churches and not just receive people from churches. We’ve also been given new opportunities to serve our partner organizations around the world.   

As our work has expanded, we’ve chosen the name Journey because it aligns with who we are as an organization. Journey is an inviting word and conveys our sense of hope at meeting God afresh in the years to come. It’s well aligned with the concept of ‘experiential discipleship’ that lies at the heart of our programs. Journey is also a highly accessible word that welcomes people from all backgrounds to join us in pursuing Jesus and experiencing healing.

Two years ago, we launched the Journey course, an introductory course about the life-long process of healing. It’s been well received as people from all walks of life have encountered the Living God through it. Using the name Journey as an organization builds on this momentum and affirms what Jesus has already been doing in our midst.

I realize that some of you may have an attachment to the name Living Waters. We still value this name! And our foundational beliefs and practices remain the same as when we began our work 25 years ago. We remain grateful to Desert Stream / Living Waters for their support of the early years of our ministry.

If you have any questions or comments about the name change, feel free to connect with me at  

Thank you for your ongoing investment in life’s most important journey,
Toni Dolfo-Smith

FAQ about Journey Canada

Why not keep the name Living Waters?
Our organization began as Wellspring Ministries in the early 1990’s. Soon after that we became known as Living Waters Canada as we connected into the Living Waters Global Network. Now, after 25 years, our distinctly Canadian identity continues to evolve and we see how the concept of journeying is core to our ministry. Our convictions are the same as when we began, but our program offerings are different, and our focus includes coming alongside individuals and equipping the church. So this new name crystallizes our unique calling in Canada.

Have you changed your views on sexuality?
Our perspectives on sexuality and relationships are rooted in the Christian tradition and remain the same from our organization’s inceptions. We turn first to the Scriptures for beliefs, values and ethics and follow an orthodox Christian understanding of sexuality, including God’s plan for sexual relations between a man and a woman within marriage.

Where is God in the name Journey?
We continue with our complete reliance upon and faith in God—He alone is the Source of our hope and healing. While the word ‘Journey’ is not an explicit metaphor for God, Journey themes are common to both testaments: Israel’s exodus, Jacob’s story, the prodigal son, disciples on the Emmaus road, and more. Jesus said, "ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find...”, an assurance that our journey with him will find fulfillment.

Tell me more about your new logo…
The Journey logo has been described as a community reaching up to receive God’s empowering presence, a burning bush, or several cross-shaped marks. The gathering of lines at the bottom of the circle can be seen as people gathering together and receiving God’s empowerment from above. The burning bush allusion recalls Moses’ indelible encounter with God during his wilderness wanderings. The cross-shaped marks affirm the pattern of our entire journey with Jesus and our hope in one who travels with us.  All three motifs (and many more) convey the “experiential discipleship” that lies at core of our programs; even the abstract nature of the design invites the viewer’s active participation and engagement.