Winter e-Newsletter

In a recent discussion on the subject of Mentoring and Discipleship, one wise friend pointed out that Jesus discipled his twelve friends first, and only later did these disciples become Christians!  Initially, I was amused by the comment; however, as I thought about the work of Journey Canada, I began to see a parallel.

Journey Canada does not provide counselling, therapy or advice, but we do provide Discipleship. For us, Discipleship means walking alongside individuals as they discover what it means to follow Jesus regardless of the cost. The Discipleship we offer involves listening prayer - where we bring our struggles to God and invite Him to speak into our circumstances and travel with us on this healing journey.   In this process of Discipleship I believe we come to know what it means to be a Christian - a follower of Christ.

And as we walk with people, one of the privileges we have is to point them back to the larger Body of Christ, the Church.  While Journey Canada partners with churches by offering specific short-term Pastoral Care for individuals, this ministry is only a small part of what the greater Church offers.  I believe as we continue to come to know the Father, Son and Holy Spirit present in our church communities, our Discipleship can deepen, and we truly become Christ-followers.

Below is Darlene's story of how she discovered a safe place through the ministry of Journey Canada.

Toni Dolfo-Smith
Executive Director


I always knew that Jesus loved me, but I never really understood it.  Fear of rejection was the underlying theme of my life; I was always striving to do and be “enough”.  After being encouraged by a friend, I decided to participate in a Journey program.  I was pleasantly surprised by the testimonies of the leaders facilitating the program; they were the most authentic and heartfelt I had ever heard.  As I experienced the teachings and times of worship, and participated in a small group, I began to think that maybe Jesus had something for ME too. [Read more...]