Summer E-Newsletter

Who are the Journey programs for?  I often respond to that question by saying, “Journey Canada is a ministry for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God.”  It’s not just for “those broken people”, it’s for everyone!

Journey is, first and foremost, a discipleship ministry that helps people get closer to God and experience a more intimate relationship with Jesus.  We invite people to experience God’s presence through worship, teaching, and especially prayer -- and from there, to express their pain and longing to Him, and listen for His Fatherly response to them.

Ultimately, we want people to know God's love for them and His commitment to walk with them for the rest of their lives.  This is a process where pain and struggle are transformed into wholeness and life.  What’s required to start this journey?  Simply a willingness to give up struggling alone.  As we allow God and others to walk with us, we embark on a lifelong journey (not a quick fix!) of discovering God's healing, love, and greater intentions for our lives.

Here are two stories that remind me how Journey Canada is a ministry for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God.

Toni Dolfo-Smith
Executive Director


I am not a stranger to fear and anxiety.  In fact, there was a time when fearfulness was my constant and closest companion.  Difficult personal circumstances did more than destroy my peace of mind; they stole my dreams and hopes for the future, and left me feeling isolated and hopeless. [Read more...]

I come from a stable middle-class home with two loving parents, two brothers, and a sister.  Our family was close but not intimate; we had fun together but also gave each other space.  Things were loud, often boisterous, but real emotions were seldom, if ever, expressed.  We attended church as a family.   [Read more...]