Fall E-Newsletter

Many years ago when I first mustered up the courage to talk about my struggles with identity and sexuality, I felt shame and fear at being exposed. My shame had me asking for help for a so-called "friend" rather than for myself!

Years later, after having the liberating experience of sharing my story in confidence and safety, and growing in my relationship with God,  I attended Regent College. During the first few weeks of being a student, I encountered numerous others who spontaneously shared their struggles with me. Like the healthy mentors and counsellors who had provided a safe environment for me to share and grow, I now had the privilege of providing for others.  With hindsight,  I can see this is where Journey Canadà was birthed.

We all need to be known and supported. Many of us yearn for a sense of belonging that has somehow eluded us, and we will risk anything to find it.  Others of us have been hurt so many times we are wary of trying again. Embedded in the DNA of Journey Canada is the desire to provide a safe place for individuals to receive hope, spiritual care and the experience of belonging.

In all of our offerings, we strive to provide a caring and confidential space that allows individuals to explore the issues that are most important to them and deepen their relationship with God, without feeling pressured into an identity or lifestyle that is not in line with their values.  In spiritually safe spaces, as our sense of security deepens, we can begin to trust God and others anew as we move forward in our journey.

Below are two stories of others who discovered a safe place through the ministry of Journey Canada.

Toni Dolfo-Smith
Executive Director


“I need help. I don’t know anyone who can help me. I’ll have to work through this on my own. I can’t! I’ve tried. I need help.”

I was stuck. I felt hopeless and very, very alone in this daily cycle of thoughts. I didn’t talk about my struggles with friends; I was too afraid of what they would think of me if I did. [Read more...]

“Attend a Journey Canada program?  No way!”

The last thing I wanted to do was to go and share about my identity issues and pornography use with a group of strangers.  But when a mentor encouraged me to consider Journey, reminding me I needed a safe community where I could be honest about my struggles, I decided to try. [Read more...]