Summer 2016 E-Newsletter

A unique and timely ministry...

I recently had the privilege of speaking to pastors and leaders at “Pastoral Approaches to Shifting Sexuality” – a series of seminars hosted by The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.  Alongside David Wood (a friend and colleague), we addressed what’s happening in the broader culture, and pastoral approaches the Church must adopt in order to navigate our rapidly changing times.

In all six locations I was struck by two things: pastors have a deep desire to provide safe and welcoming places for the hurting, and pastors are grateful to be given language and a framework to address relational and sexual issues within their church communities.

As we continue to partner with the Church across Canada and around the world, I am reminded of how Journey Canada ministers to, supports, and disciples people in a unique and life-giving way.  This is a time when the Church needs to stand for Truth and Light, regardless of cost.  I believe we come alongside the Body of Christ in ways that few others can.  The overwhelming response we have seen to our Pastoral Approaches Seminars is certainly evidence of this.

Looking ahead to this summer, we will continue to provide ministry and training to pastors and leaders at our newly named Journey Canada Intensive Week – and we are already booked for Pastoral Approaches Seminars across the country into 2017!  I am so grateful for the amazing opportunities we have to walk alongside our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. 

See below to hear from Christian leaders who believe Journey Canada is a unique and timely ministry for the Church today!

Toni Dolfo-Smith  Executive Director

Toni Dolfo-Smith
Executive Director


In a climate that is confused, baffled, and (in increasing measure) hostile, when it comes to issues of human sexuality, Journey Canada is arguably one of the most important ministries operating in Canada today.  Stocked with staff who live what they teach, Journey teachings are lucid, trustworthy, biblical, and Gospel-centred.  

To my fellow pastors, I would say: brothers and sisters, if you're wondering if it's possible for someone who experiences same sex attraction or who struggles with sexual addiction to experience profound healing in Christ, go check Journey out.  They're a plausibility structure to the truth of the Gospel.  But don't be deceived.  As they will tell you, there's no way to predict just how Jesus will heal you.  Oftentimes, our Lord is less interested, in the present moment, in healing us of our fallen desires than of healing us of our false identities.  Yes, we may have to wait with ongoing struggle, but Journey provides living proof that we may also live with transforming hope.

Ed Gerber | Pastor at Willoughby Christian Reformed Church
PhD, University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

Ministering as a Marriage Family Therapist, I have heard firsthand accounts of how sexually addictive behavior is affecting marriages and family life.  At "Pastoral Approaches Seminar: Sexually Addictive Behavior", the presenters provided relevant background and scientific research on the cycle of addiction that is essential for anyone working with individuals who are struggling with sexually addictive behavior.  They also shared personal testimonies and practical ways to journey with individuals who are seeking sexual healing and wholeness.  Journey addresses this issue with clarity of truth, and the compassion of mercy.

Sister John Mary Sullivan, FSE | Life, Marriage and Family of the Archdiocese of Vancouver

The reason for our ongoing partnership with Journey Canada, is that they continue to exhibit a heart for ALL people.  The team demonstrates compassion, sincerity and humility, and the heart of Christ is revealed in every seminar they present.

Brian Derksen | Assistant District Superintendent for the Christian & Missionary Alliance in B.C.