Fall 2017 E-Newsletter


I spoke with someone a few weeks ago who expressed relief at having discovered Journey Canada for the first time. They told me how they had tried many different avenues of healing, but had not felt these had provided the answer they needed. I probed a little more, and what became apparent was this person was searching for a "cure" - the five steps that would make them whole!

As we conversed, I shared that pursuing healing was less about finding answers and more about finding Jesus. We talked about some of the ways this person had been wounded throughout their life and the unmet needs that plagued them daily, yet they remained convinced there was a singular answer that could heal them, and that they could do it on their own.

Our healing journey does not happen in isolation - it is a journey that invites us to walk with Jesus, and with others. Journey Canada provides a safe place for people to share openly and to look to Jesus in the midst of struggle and pain. Like the person I mentioned above, many of us have spent a lifetime hiding our pain and struggle, often believing that we are the only one dealing with our particular issues. Our deepest pain and struggle remain hidden and unspoken, and we remain trapped and alone.

We are all broken in our capacity to love well, we are all in need of affirmation and love, and not one of us should walk alone. At Journey we walk alongside our brothers and sisters, providing a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere for anyone to face the challenges and brokenness we all have in our lives. This Journey is not just about getting better or overcoming struggle, it is about discovering and experiencing Jesus in the midst of it all.

Toni Dolfo-Smith
Executive Director


I grew up in a Christian home, but one with a strong suspicion of “outsiders”. I was taught that only members from my family could be trusted and that we were spiritually superior because we were blessed by God. With this upbringing, I grew into an adult who was extremely guarded and cautious of others.  [Read more...]

IHiding was something I was very good at. I hid from others and from God. Struggles in my sexuality and identity pulled me away from people and God. I was afraid to be judged, expelled, and rejected by others. I tried to be a good, friendly, and godly man in front of my friends and in the church. I pretended that I was happy and fine even though I wasn’t. The truth is...  [Read more...]


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