Summer 2017 E-Newsletter

Journey is for everyone looking for a deeper relationship with God.

As a young Christian, my constant and heartfelt cry was for God to take away my relational, sexual and identity struggles.  I was convinced that only if I was struggle-free would I be able to serve God and have real relationship with Him.

Looking back to that time, I believe God was less interested in taking away my issues than He was about inviting me into life-giving and intimate connection with Him.  What He wanted was for me to become His disciple.  I had been “performing” for Him, rather than embracing the invitation to be conformed to His image in a journey that will last a lifetime.

The ministry of JOURNEY is all about Discipleship.  We gather as a community of people who, through worship, teaching and prayer, are being called into deeper friendship with God.  In His presence we express our pain and longing, knowing He is with us and will respond to us as a good father responds to His children.  Discipleship is about coming to know how much we are loved by God, trusting He will transform our struggles and wounds into wholeness and life.

It took me years to acknowledge my sin, pain and struggle to God and others - even then I still wished He would simply take it all away!  Now I understand I have the opportunity to journey with God, despite my struggles, and discover His intentions for my life.  

Toni Dolfo-Smith
Executive Director


I used to believe that it’s more important to look good, than to actually be good.

My father was a well-known Christian leader; so we, as a family, were very good at looking good! I learned that perfect performance got me the affirmation I wanted so badly, so I became preoccupied with building up my “ideal Ricky” – my “glittering image”.  [Read more...]

I grew up in a Christian home, the middle child between two highly-gifted siblings.  I always felt that I couldn't measure up, either academically or spiritually.  I felt "less than" – so I set out to prove myself in areas where I felt strong.  I was cheerful by nature and loved to sing, so I worked hard to prove myself musically and please people by being cheerful and happy.  [Read more...]