Are you struggling to know who you are? Unable to relate to people? Confused about your identity? Dealing with abuse? Hooked on pornography?

No matter where you are on your journey, one of our programs and services can possibly help. All of our programs are based in and supported by various churches across the country.

Who comes for help? Anyone, really. Women and men, pastors and lay leaders, professionals and students, married couples and single people. Anyone who wants to deepen their walk with Jesus.


Journey Discipleship CourseA comprehensive course that incorporates prayer, providing in-depth discipleship and spiritual care with the goal of helping individuals experience Jesus in their relationships, sexuality and identity.

Journey 101 - A six-session introductory course that helps participants identify their struggles and make the choice to embrace their lifelong healing journey.

Pastor and Leader Equipping

Journey Canada ministers to and trains pastors, leaders, caregivers, missionaries and faculty for discipleship ministry through events such as seminars, conferences, workshops, consultations, trainings and leadership gatherings.

Pastoral Approaches Seminars - These are one-day seminars offering pastoral training and tools for pastors, leaders, caregivers and friends ministering to those facing addictive behaviour, unwanted same-sex attraction, and relationship struggles.

Journey Canada Intensive Week - Held in the summer, this is week-long retreat designed as a safe place for participants to encounter God and experience deeper healing.  This experiential training in Journey programs is open to those in pastoral ministry, professional counselling and lay leadership, or who have completed the Journey Discipleship Course.

One-Time Presentations

Journey Canada gives presentations at a number of venues, including church and ministry events, seminars and workshops, school chapels, Sunday schools, worship services, and youth and young adult groups.

Journey Youth/Young Adults is a training ministry for youth pastors, leaders and parents in the areas of relationships, sexuality and identity.  We also offer presentations on these topics for youth/young adult groups. 

Youth/Young Adults

Support Groups

These weekly or monthly support groups provide encouragement and offer spiritual support to individuals and family members dealing with relational or sexual issues.

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