Matt's Story

“Attend a Journey Canada program?  No way!”

The last thing I wanted to do was to go and share about my identity issues and pornography use with a group of strangers.  But when a mentor encouraged me to consider Journey, reminding me I needed a safe community where I could be honest about my struggles, I decided to try.

Honestly?  I felt pretty awkward walking into the room that first night. In fact, I had already convinced myself that this wasn’t going to be the program for me - my issues were too unique and complicated for these people. But what I found was a group of people who understood. They weren’t awkward; they seemed normal, friendly, humble, and above all authentic.  Quickly it became a safe place for me to come with all my messiness and struggles - where I was seen for who I really was, accepted and supported in prayer, and pointed to Jesus.

Journey is one of the safest places I have ever encountered for unpacking the difficult parts of life. The leaders and volunteers were the first people to exemplify a level of vulnerability and authenticity in community that I had not experienced before. They helped make it safe for me to be real about my own life, which has forever changed who I am and how I choose to follow after Jesus.