Dawna's Story


I grew up in a Christian home, but one with a strong suspicion of “outsiders”. I was taught that only members from my family could be trusted and that we were spiritually superior because we were blessed by God. With this upbringing, I grew into an adult who was extremely guarded and cautious of others.

I believed my life was “just me and Jesus”, and all other relationships were unnecessary and even pointless. But living with these false beliefs and unresolved pain from my past produced a deadness inside of me. I struggled with depression and loneliness, and the secret wish that I were dead.

When I came to Journey I was guarded and proud, not really trusting or wanting anyone to have access to my heart. With the help of Journey leaders I began to take slow, deliberate steps each week to move through areas of pain and healing. I found Journey to be a safe place, and found myself trusting people for the first time.

I began a brand-new journey of relational exploration - first in the discovery and friendship with Jesus - and then in the discovery of relationship with others and in community. Jesus met me at Journey, and in Him I found life and freedom.

Today, I still struggle with isolation and suspicion toward people, but Jesus is faithful in walking with me through my fears as He continues to draw me into relationship with Him and with others.

Journey Canada