How We Minister

As a Christ-centred ministry, we follow the biblical foundation of serving people with compassion, integrity and dependence on the Holy Spirit. In all we do, we share Jesus—the One who is full of grace and truth (John 1:14). The following are some of the founding principles of Journey Canada:

Healing is a journey and a process

By relying on the Holy Spirit to renew people, we try to provide a basis for a lifetime process of healing in our identity, sexuality and relationships. This process includes Christian discipleship, which needs to take place in the body of Christ. Thus each Journey group is part of the local church.

Men and women are image bearers

We also believe that healing best occurs when men and women minister together, releasing the presence of God to one another that corresponds with our deepest needs for love.

Jesus is at the heart of healing

At the centre of the Journey is the cross of Jesus Christ discovered in His community—the means through which we have access to the Father’s love. The cross is the place where we lay down our sins and wounds, and receive the Holy Spirit of resurrection. At the cross, Journey seeks to explore the wounded and complex habits of the heart in order to impart the truthful, healing love of Jesus there.

“Many days I wished my sexual and relational struggles would just go away. I often hoped for some magic cure that would fix my pain. Instead I’ve come to realize that the healing of my heart and soul comes as I seek Jesus. He alone is what I need.”