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Partner with our staff who are helping people across Canada find hope and live life through experiencing Jesus.  Join us as we work to see people living healthy, hope-filled lives in their relationships, families and communities.  Learn more about our team here.

While Journey Canada seeks to honour the designation of each gift, in compliance with Canadian charity law, all gifts are to the ministry of Journey Canada. According to CRA guidelines, Journey Canada must maintain sole control and discretion over the use of the funds and tax-deductible gifts are non-refundable, even in the event of staff or ministry changes.


Toni Dolfo-Smith
Executive Director
Vancouver, BC

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Daniel Komori
Associate Executive Director
Calgary, AB

Ricky Lee
Director of Operations
Vancouver, BC

Kirsten Rumary
Program Resource Coordinator
Vancouver, BC

Arabella Cheng
Ministry Development Coordinator
Vancouver, BC

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Scott Neufeld
Resource Facilitator
Vancouver, BC

Min-Soo Kang
Youth & Young Adult Coordinator
Vancouver, BC


Steve & Kate Hobbs
Okanagan, BC

Daniel Komori
Calgary, AB


Graeme Lauber
Calgary, AB

Scott Neufeld
Fraser Valley, BC

Stephanie Robinson
Nova Scotia


Andrea Heavenor
Women's Liaison
Vancouver, BC

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Journey Canada is part of the Journey Global network of ministries.  Partner with us in developing this work in countries around the world, including raising leaders, translation of materials, and providing resources and support.

Reg Froese
Journey Canada Central Office
Winnipeg, MB