“When my marriage began to fall apart, I felt empty and dead inside. I didn’t know how I got there, I just knew I was angry. Through Journey, Jesus ministered to my hurting heart. He helped me to own the baggage I brought into my marriage, and start forgiving my spouse. God restored our marriage, but more importantly he restored our hurting hearts to him.”

“I was struggling with my gender identity. I also wrestled with self-hatred and insecurity. Through Journey, God began to heal my deep shame and show me I am not alone. He began establishing my identity as a child of God and a follower of Jesus. My gender identity no longer defines my life — Jesus does.”

“Despite having been a Christian, I had difficulties receiving the love of my Heavenly Father…and generally trusting men. I also found it difficult to relate to male authority figures. The animosity I felt toward men was a detriment to my marriage. In Journey, I came to see myself as a child of God, His delight. And as I did, my self-esteem and confidence grew… My true identity, the person who the Lord created me to be is being restored.”

“My father was a well-known evangelist. We were shown off as children. I was always asking, “Am I enough?” It was a huge wounding, the feeling of not being enough. I found healing in understanding what drove my addiction…God met me, showed me He is savior, redeemer and friend.”

My family had a truckload of divorces and my mother had breakdowns. I coped by closing down, not letting people come close. I’d help other people but I wouldn’t let anyone in. I got married, but would let my husband get only so far. I found Journey provided a place where I allowed God to use others to give me His love.”

“I grew up in a home where my parents were absent and in a church where not enough emphasis on grace. I sought comfort in food and fantasy. I found the way to freedom from my addictions began at the foot of the cross. In Journey God replaced the lies—that I was ugly, not worthy—with His truth. Truth which carries such freedom.”

“I am a pastor who has struggled with same sex desires for 40 years. Though I have not acted out in personal encounters, the advent of Internet porn has caused me a large measure of grief. I found that I have benefited greatly from my involvement in a Journey group. It has been a great relief to speak openly about sexual struggles, and to receive prayer ministry. The degree of freedom from sexual sin and the amount of peace and freedom in my life as the result of being part of this group has far exceeded my expectations.”