Falling Forward

More and more, men and women have been lured into addictive activities, such as pornography, sexual fantasy and illicit relationships. Once ensnared there, they become sexual addicts.

The Falling Forward program reaffirms the truth that Jesus is able and willing to help his people find freedom from sexual addiction. Through twenty teachings, the course helps sex addicts share their struggles and receive God’s healing and empowering grace, so they can break free of their behaviours and live according to God’s design. In small groups, participants are kept accountable, and are provided an avenue of healing and forgiveness.

Who’s it for?

Aimed at both men and women, the program welcomes anyone who believes they are sexually addicted, and wants break free from their habitual behaviours. Prior to enrolling in Falling Forward, participants are asked to complete the Journey Discipleship Course.

What’s involved?

Through 20 lessons, the Falling Forward program addresses the addictive cycle, and how one can be free from its grasp. The guidebook looks at the following topics:

  • Spiritual aspects of addiction
  • Planning your way of escape
  • Intervention in the addictive cycle
  • Practicing the presence of God
  • Surrendering to God