Journey 101

Journey 101 is an introductory look at healing and aimed at helping individuals understand the issues they will have to walk through in their journey, embrace the idea of process and move in the direction of where they can begin deeper healing work.

Who’s it for?

As an introductory discipleship program, Journey 101 is available to anyone who is interested in beginning a process of healing.

What’s involved?

Journey 101 is a six-session course that involves times of teaching, stories and small groups, where leaders help participants identify their issues, look at some of the realities of the healing journey, recognize that Jesus and others walk with us, and understand that ultimately our journey enables us to know God and others in deeper ways.

Where is Journey 101 offered?

The program has been offered in Cambridge, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Penticton, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Other cities are planning to offer Journey 101 in the future.

Journey 101 was previously known as Journey. In Quebec it is known as Parcours 101.

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