Seminars and Presentations

An evening seminar intended for Christian audiences, to facilitate education and awareness on topics related to sexuality and relationships in our shifting culture.

Sexually Addictive Behaviour

A half or one-day Pastoral Approaches Seminar for pastors, ministry leaders, friends and caregivers, aimed at broadening understanding of sexually addictive behaviour, understanding how change can occur, and offering tangible solutions. Topics include:

  • Factors which lead to sexually addictive struggles

  • Seeing and understanding the nature of addiction

  • Support and accountability – how and why?

  • Supporting the spouse of a struggler

  • Growing trends with women and sexual addiction

The Church and Same-Sex Attraction

A half or one-day Pastoral Approaches Seminar aimed at equipping pastors, ministry leaders, friends and caregivers to walk with those who are experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction and desire to follow Christ in wholeness and integrity. Topics include:

  • Exploring God’s design for sexuality

  • Investigating biblical perspectives

  • Shifts in the cultural landscape

  • Understanding sexual identity and scripts

  • The Church’s call to be a healing community

Other Presentations

At the invitation of churches and ministries, Journey Canada staff and leaders give presentations to equip God’s people on topics like God’s design for sexuality and understanding sexual identity.

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